Well, that picture just says it all.

But haven’t you heard of this? A “Done” list, rather than a “To Do” list. The whole idea was music to my ears. It’s a nice solution to the end of a long day when you’re perhaps feeling overwhelmed, and unproductive. Maybe you call it a Done list, maybe you call it a Work Log of Your Completed Tasks. But if you need a boost, call it something, and jot down all the actions you’ve taken in a day, and sit back with a sense of accomplishment. (And don’t worry about all the things that didn’t get crossed off that other list).

I’ll go first.

  1. Made breakfast
  2. Cleaned up breakfast.
  3. Got Boy One off to school.
  4. Cleaned up 4 kid messes before 8:30.
  5. Changed their pants.
  6. Changed their shirts.
  7. Changed my shirt.
  8. Changed my pants.
  9. Took one kid back up to his room so he could simmer down from his madness.
  10. Prayed.
  11. Went to my room with my coffee for a few minutes so I could simmer down from my madness.
  12. Prayed.
  13. Started over.
  14. Helped out a smidge at my son’s school while my husband took the younger boys on errands.
  15. Cleaned some house.
  16. Did some laundry.
  17. Worked on freelance work.
  18. Attacked my email inbox.
  19. Contacted a site owner who had stolen work from the site I edit, and passed it off as a guest post. (Nice try, chick).
  20. Prayed for her.
  21. Celebrated with the family Boy One’s last day of school.
  22. Took the kids to a bookstore.
  23. Lost Boy Two in the bookstore.
  24. Found Boy Two in the bookstore.
  25. Reminded Boy Two (and Boy One and Boy Three) that when he is lost, he is to stay put, and I’ll come find him. Really, I will.
  26. Had some fries, a chicken sandwich, and a Coke – all in the same evening. Regretted that.
  27. Shared an ice cream cone with my son. Didn’t regret that.
  28. With my husband, watched the boys play outside together.
  29. Cleaned up the kitchen.
  30. Did another load of laundry.
  31. Wrote this post.

As I look around me, there’s still random socks, stacks of papers here and there, and sticky notes with Things To Do – but this feels pretty good. What did you do today?

Flickr photo by john.shultz. Most perfect to do list. Ever.