How to Label Refrigerator Foods for Minimum Confusion


This is my refrigerator showing its best side, living its best life. It usually has quite a bit more food clutter.

I think how you organize your refrigerator is left to you and your personality and  your family (who only wants to get in there to eat all the food you’ve planned for meals).

I know that in my refrigerator, food items get rearranged due to the volume of leftovers and the shape of containers. Stuff gets shoved and inadvertently hidden toward the back where it then grows mold.


And I don’t like to waste food.



Organize the Refrigerator to Go Along With Your Meal Plan


The next time you have an item all ready to go for a meal, label it with the date you’re wanting to include the food in your meal You could even include that the food is “for breakfast 2-10-20” or something like that.

That way, when you check your meal plan (or just want to remember you have this food), you can open the fridge doors and see that the organization has already been done.

Make sure you know what’s in your refrigerator


If you have several foods that you would like to use for one meal, consolidate those foods into one or two containers, and then again: WRITE THE MEAL AND DATE it should be eaten.

Then make sure to use this simple refrigerator tip to know what food is being stored.

Check out my One-Minute Monday video clip about this refrigerator organization and meal-planning tip.