rhonda franz

Shakespeare, Frost, Wordsworth, Price: all the great literature.

Let’s call it as we see it, shall we?

Shakespeare’s work is timeless, and a simple stroll through the outdoors is never as beautiful and meaningful in any pen, than that of Robert Frost.

And no one makes keen, hilarious observations of the neighborhood, the school, and the hectic drive to work in the trendy 21st centurey quite like Peyton Price in her book, Suburban Haiku. And no one does it in fine 5-7-5 form.


There’s a bit of poking fun….rhonda franz suburban haiku review


The toddler who will take an iPhone over goldfish crackers, thank you very much.

The parents who spell their child’s common name, oh so uncommonly.

The mom who read all the PTA bylaws (oh wait, that’s me).


There are also timely, relevant topics to families everywhere…

Conservation/Green Living:

New water bottles:

Steel, filtered, BPA-free

They’ll all be lost soon.

Bad parking people:

Hey, nice parking job

Did you pay for both spaces?

It looks like you did.


Worn-out parents:

It’s perfect weather

for sending the kids outside

and watching TV.

That’s enough of a tease.

rhonda franz suburban haiku review

For more hilarity, truth, and scenes from the suburbs, get your copy of Suburban Haikuand catch up on your fine literature.