It’s almost spring. Can you smell it? These are the ideas and insights that caught my eye of late. This time, I started with comedy. It’s a simple thing that de-stresses and takes far less time than prepping a full bath after the kids are in bed.


* I’m appreciating laughter these days so much. Have you seen this short comedy routine on marriage by comedian Nate Bartgatze?  (Little over two minutes.) Not for nothing…the comedy I’ve heard from him is mostly free of profanity.

* This list of four productivity tips for busy moms is practical and doable. As moms, there’s very little break from doing things.

Laundry Hack for Kids Especially helpful for the child who needs a structure for everyday tasks (and for a mom who doesn’t like complicated DIY projects.)

* Because the kids always need feeding: emergency freezer burritos. These work for fresh or leftover food. I like the prep and freezer part for the pilot wife life.

* Notice how we tend to act more calm with other people’s children then our own? This is a trick to try break free (or at least take a break) from the negative emotions of parenting in the heat of the moment. Brilliant strategy.

Good weekend to you!
Captain Mom Saturday Selections

~ Captain Mom