(Disclaimer: I’m not a doctor or an allergist. I’m a mom who lives with stuffy-nosed children in a pollen-filled world. Consult with your doctor and stuff.)

Living in the woods means getting rained on with a load of pollen every spring. For a couple of weeks in April, my kiddos come in glowing like little Green Lantern superheroes. That’s when it’s time to shut the windows and have the kids strip down in the garage. (A simple, outdoor shower set up is so on my wish list.)

Help Children with Springtime Allergies

Yeah, they’re cute boys (who sneeze like men)

A couple of the boys are extremely susceptible to ear infections and struggle with seasonal allergies, but it’s not like I can close them up indoors or send them out in a hazmat suit (sometimes I wear a surgical mask myself). We do what we can to try and keep the great outdoors from coming in during the high pollen period with a few springtime strategies in our house:

* Make weekend lunches an outdoor affair. If kids are outdoors before lunch and are going out after, cut out the dining room as the middle man, keep lunchtime allergens out, and serve the food outside. Patio seating, people.

* Keep a covered box of tissue outside the door to the house. Have kids blow their noses and deposit tissue in an outdoor trash can before coming inside.

* Use a Q-tip to put a multi-purpose skin jelly, or similar product on the inside of children’s noses before going out. I’ve seen this unconventional advice on a few medical sites. It’s a simple way to help try and limit the pollen and other allergens that enter the body.

For 7 more simple tips to try, read on…Springtime Allergies and Children at Parenting Squad. And good luck to you this spring.

Got allergies? Share yo tips.


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