If snow days this school year were a book, we’d be on, like, the 14th chapter.

At this point of 2014, I’m letting the school district handle the details. Too many numbers for me to keep track of, and I don’t like math. Make up the days, don’t make up the days. Whatever admin decides, I’m cool. I’ve enjoyed most of the snow days, but when it’s near impossible to get outside, we’ve gotta get our wiggles out somehow.

Today, the new strategy is music. Lots of it. to. One of my boys requested “Sometimes” by Nicole C. Mullen. (Best music request ever.) So we went with it. You should, too.

We rocked out to this several times. Just try it.



It’s hard to stop, isn’t it? Let them bang around with pots and pans and oatmeal boxes for drums. Repeatedly. Until they have praised Jesus to the point of fatigue.

Now, they’re ready for a segue to quiet time/nap time. (You do have a quiet time, don’t you?)

Get your yoga mat. The kids can either read or do exercise with you. Play more Mullen.

In the afternoon, let them eat a snack, and  hand them their harmonicas. (You do have harmonicas don’t you?). Turn up some Bluegrass music and let them rock out until supper. Make sure you do a quick tutorial on how to breathe lightly into the instrument, and not in your brother’s/sister’s ear.

Go ahead, let them make a joyful noise unto the Lord. By this time, the snow day woes will be long gone. #hopeful

rhonda franz snow day sequel, snow day strategies












At this point, it’s time for a supper of popcorn and a movie night.  And if you break protocol, and let kids stay in their pjs all day, The Bedtime Routine will be low maintenance.

What is your snow day strategy? We’re all in this together.


Snow 2014 pixabay photo by falco. How did he know I needed that?