While linking up what I found to be interesting content, I’m basking in the sunlight and spring-like temperatures we’ve had. I appreciate distinct seasons, even a winter with lots of snow. But it’s March now, and I say it’s too late for the weather to decide that it wants to get cold. What say you?


STEM Activities for Fun, Creativity, and Education


Have you seen this? Sarah with Frugal Fun for Boys and Girls always has the coolest activities kids can learn from and have fun with. These marble runs are made from simple, and often reused, recycled materials you might have at home, and support stem education for children. This is going in our summer activity stash, for sure.

Fun Stem Challenged for Kids: The Best Marble Runs to Build


For the Love of Cereal


My kids are into reading the nutrition labels on food. This is all my fault, but it’s a good thing, I think. Their nutrition-label reading routine is quite funny listen to as they compare things like boxes of cereals and packages of potato chips to see who comes out the “winner” on lowest sugar ingredient, and highest amount of vitamin A.

We mostly make our own simple mix of cereal with ingredients like nuts, oats, and dried fruits (no sugar needed). But we sometimes get the fun, candy-like cereal around for Saturdays and such (and by “we,” I mean Daddy). I like this information about reading the nutrition label on cereal boxes which are often pronounced to be “healthy” and full of nutrients:

The Three Things You Should Know Before Buying Your Next Box of Cereal {Plan to Eat}


cereal nutrition, kids cereal

What is worth our time?


Have you seen this?

100 Blocks a Day {Wait But Why}

What a nifty way to use blocks as a visual for a productive, efficient mindset. I would also say it’s a great way to remember that blocks spent on time with friends and family are important. It’s not all about how much we get done during the blocks of our day (kind of like the concept of block scheduling), but that we’re spending our time (our blocks) wisely. Hmmm, could be a visual for the kiddos as well.

Have a happy weekend!