The Never-Set, Always-Changing Schedule of a Pilot…


It’s a living. A different living than the normal, home-every-day, 9-to-5. The pilot is home, the pilot is gone. And life still rolls: school, sickness, work, kids, meals.

All the Stuff of Life.


…Means the Never-Set, Always-Changing Routine of a Pilot’s Wife or Husband


My husband’s trips away used to make me anxious. Ten years down the road of parenthood, I manage much better now. I put less pressure on myself to keep up, and try to make the time as enjoyable with my kids as possible.

I do certain kinds of work, and take certain kinds of breaks.

Maybe you’re a pilot wife, a business traveler’s wife, or maybe the husband of a wife in one of these professions. Maybe you’re married to someone in one of the many jobs that require a change in routine and several days of managing home and family on your own. Maybe how I roll will work for you and yours. 

Stock Up

  • Groceries. So you don’t have to go to the store while he’s gone
  • Your favorite drink
  • Cheese
  • Crackers
  • Popcorn
  • Pizza. One for supper, one for you.
  • Plenty of toilet paper
  • Snack foods for you
  • Snack foods for kids
  • Cereal for as many suppers as you need. It’s always a hit with kids.
snack foods, pilot wives, movie night

I eat mostly healthy, you know.

Clean Up

You don’t really have to do this. Going solo with kids when your spouse is gone is tough enough. But this can be a great time to do certain kinds of tasks. Sometimes though, it’s a great opportunity to clean out an area when you can commandeer the other person’s side of the bed.

Kick Back

Watch movies. Or hey, it’s 2017…binge watch a television show! Because our husbands don’t have to like everything we want to see. Do this on a school night and put the kids to bed even a little earlier than usual,

 Cereal for dinner


  • Skip the complaining and feed the kids what they want for dinner.
  • Leave dishes in the sink. You’re going to need the same dishes tomorrow anyway.
  • Put off non-essential laundry.
  • Stay up too late: reading, watching TV, whatever your brain needs to digress.
  • Take up the whole bed. And all of the pillows while you’re at it.
  • Schedule a babysitter so you can get out. Yes, it’s ok to use a babysitter when you’re spouse is away.
  • Pick up takeout when needed to avoid making a meal. And cleaning up a meal. And dishes.
  • Do a household quiet time.

Do you have a spouse who is home again, gone again? Do tell what works for you (and what doesn’t).

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