Here at Captain Mom, it’s in with new and in with the old. My spring articles (recent and recycled) to offer a little help throughout the spring season – before it blows away.

Mother’s Day. First things first. Mother’s Day is May 10, 2015. Make a note of it. Click on over to page 8 in PB Parenting magazine for It’s Her Day: 17 Practically Perfect Presents for the Mom in Your Life. It’s what a mom wants.

Gardening and eating. Got young kids and dirt? Put them both to use in your garden. I’ve shown you how in Calgary’s Child magazine with Tips for Spring Gardening with Your Little Sprout. Children can trample all up in your garden and call it tilling. Have them don their snow boots to pull weeds and stir up soil. Also at the magazine, Get Your Grill On: Springtime Foods from the Fire. Eat up.


Conservation. While you’re being green, check out these ideas from the blog at Rhea Lana make a habit of using stuff around the house: Reuse Before Recycle: 11 Materials to Repurpose With Your Children. It’s about reusing simple things, like cardboard.


Activities for kids. These activities are for spring break, but if your break is over, you can try them out during the summer vacation. 21 Fun (and Educational) Activities to do on Spring Break over at Parenting Squad. While you’re there, check out the simple birthday fun you can have with 6 Spring Birthday Party Ideas for Children and catch a few tips on dealing with seasonal allergies.

The Great Outdoors. How to use a spring hike as a simple educational tool for children: Take a Hike: Using Nature to Nurture Your Child’s Education at Peekaboo family magazine.

Kitchen help. Celebrating a spring birthday in your family? Check this out before planning the food, Kids in the Kitchen: Birthday Treats for Kids (and Adults) on Taste Arkansas, a site about bringing good farm food to the dining room table. Stay for a bit, and see how my children and I mix up our own healthy, hearty breakfast cereal.


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When it’s your birthday, eat cake. And feed your guests lots of other party treats.