{photo credit: me | cake credit: me | inspiration for cake: a fab, fab recipe with a cake that was altogether more put together than the one above. I think this woman knows how to make cakes.}

This is the Mom I Am

I am not the mom who has shown up to eat lunches with her children at the school’s cafeteria.

I am the mom who makes 95% of the meals at home, and the packed lunches my kids carry to school.

I am not the mom who makes grand and great-shaped birthday cakes with 14 colors in the form of web-slinging superheroes or skyscrapers made with so many square cake pans.

I am the mom who can make a pretty tasty sheet cake (and yes, a tasty, albeit sloped downwards round cake). AND—I am the mom who has MASTERED the chocolate chip cookie cake.

I am not the mom who lets kids sleep in her bed. Like, almost never. (I did make exceptions to the rule for a scared child during a thunderstorm and for a child who woke up with night terrors for the first time at the ripe old age of seven and didn’t know where he was. That was a few nights in my bed.)

I am the mom who sleeps downstairs when my kids are sick and throwing up because I don’t want them to be sick downstairs all alone.

‘Tis good for the heart and the soul and the confidence to remember the kind of mom I am doesn’t have to be anyone else’s version of a good mom.

What mom are you? State it with confidence.