I’m gonna cut to the Christmastime chase.

I wrote about quiet time here. (How we do it, general guidelines, etc.) Call it quiet time, downtime. Call it the afternoon siesta, if you want. Once this is established, you can use it on weekends, summers, holidays.

Breaks are good. Silence is healthy. Learning to entertain oneself and be comfortable with one’s solitude is a good skill.

9 Reasons to Establish a Down Time During Christmas Break


  • It gives everyone a break.
  • It allows houseguests a quiet period, perhaps time to catch their breath.
  • It allows holiday hosts to do the same.
  • It gives a regular pause from possibly unstructured or differently structured days.
  • It can help prevent meltdowns.
  • It allows time and space to reset during a season that is stressful for some people.
  • It gives children time alone to play with their new gifts.
  • A quiet time allows adults to have adult conversations, uninterrupted.
  • It helps with the long days when kids stay up past their bedtimes.


Do you and your family take some sort of break during the day? What tips do you have while those kiddos are home from school?