my four year old won't answer my 27 questions

“Mommy, what’s this? Daddy, why that?” It’s curiosity, and we know it’s good for them. But sometimes, the questions my four year old asks are just nuts. Questions he knows the answers to, questions no one could possibly know the answer to.

And I’m tearing our hair out trying to answer them. Or not answer them. All 832 that come at me in a day. Or in just one car trip to the store.

Maybe my son feels the same way. But hey, kids don’t have a monopoly on inquisitive minds. It turns out, I have a few qustions of my own.


Why do you scream?

Why do you fight with your brother over two exactly the same, completely identical matchbox cars?

How come you can “brush” your teeth in 4 seconds, “wash” your hands in 2 seconds, but it takes you 11 minutes to get into the car?

And another 6 minutes to buckle your seatbelt?

Where do you think you’re going when you head toward the street?

What makes you think you can hide food you don’t like by dropping it on the floor?

Why don’t you like carrots today?

Since when don’t you eat pancakes?

When will you stop asking when we’re building a swimming pool?

How come the sprinkler isn’t good enough for you?

What did you think would happen when you stuck your fingers in the door hinge, just so your brother couldn’t shut it?

What is that puddle on the floor?

Why do you come downstairs in the morning for breakfast with your pajamas on, when for the last 1,643 days you have been alive, breakfast has never been served to kids wearing pajamas?

Haven’t you learned the moral behind the Little Red Hen story?

What do you mean you don’t have anything in your mouth? There is melted chocolate oozing from the corners of your lips.

What did you do with that spider?

What happened to your nose?

What happened to your brother’s eye?

How come you have the perseverance to build a tower of 72 Lego blocks, but lack the strength to match up 3 pairs of socks?

How long could you stay for a visit at your Grandpa and Grandma’s house without missing me too much?

Did you touch my desk? It looks like it’s been touched.

Why aren’t you wearing pants?

How did that pine cone taste?

Why did you suddenly forget how to put on your shoes?

Where is your Father?

That’s not a weed you pulled from the garden, is it?

Why do you keep asking me if there will be a quiet time today?