I wrote (and tasted) some the recipes below for client sites. Tasty work, this is. ūüėČ

Summer isn’t over yet, people. Keep up the swimming and the grilling and the playing. And the eating. Out of ideas for meals? Need fresh ones? I have my own short list of recipes, most of which have key ingredients from your local farmers market or garden.

The Food of Summer

Oh, how I¬†love all things about the BLT. For one fabulous Foodie Friday at Arkansas Women Bloggers, I’ve shown you how to do it: for breakfast, for lunch, for always.

Bacon, lettuce, and tomato…a variety of ways. Go beyond the sandwich.

Food of summer by Captain Mom

These summer drinks: fruity and kid-friendly. I hear LaCroix is all the rage these days. That will work in these drinks, but’ll you’ll need the berries and maybe the syrup to¬†sweeten a bit. My boys and I made these recipes, and you can mix ’em here.

Fruity summer drinks, LaCroix, Sprite

Zucchini Chocolate Bread with Chocolate Chunks, which, by the way, also works as a fall food. I like to make several loaves, so when The Pilot’s away, I’ve got breakfast lined up for days. Gobble¬†up the recipe at Taste Arkansas. (Psst. This bread¬†also works as a¬†fall food).

Chocolate Zucchini bread with chocolate chunks

You, too, can turn this bowl of fresh peaches into Peach Pizza. Other ingredients include butter, powdered sugar, and almond extract.

Peach pizza, fruit pizza, fresh peaches

This hamburger. THIS hamburger. It’s caprese-style, only with the almond on the inside of the meat. Perfect texture. Perfect taste. (These we eat when The Pilot is home.) I wrote about it here, and the recipe is here.

A new caprese hamburger

And now…salsa. Roasted is the best. And with tomatillos mixed in. Here’s how to do it.

Roasted salsa