The first day of school will come knocking sometime soon for many families. It’s a great reason to reboot the summer and make the most of play days and the remaining summer sun.

It’s mid-summer somewhere. Have fun with it.

11 Tips for Mid-Summer Survival

1. Keep stuff you would need in the car for an impromptu trip to the playground or other outing: sunblock, bug spray, extra water bottles in a cooler.

2. If you’re kicking your children outdoors for a bit, make sure they have a full bottle of water.

3. To help keep perfectly content siblings playing outdoors in good spirits for longer, step out and offer a special snack and touch base with them a bit. I can almost guarantee it will buy you another 30 minutes for whatever you’re working on inside.

4. Keep a couple of old towels or swim towels in the car for drying off wet playground equipment after a rain or morning dew.

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5. Add structure to your day with a post-lunch quiet time.

6. When the garden needs watering, set your sprinkler to rotate on it and declare it a sprinkler play day. Two birds, one stone. Or something less violent.

7. When going on outings/events where a crowd gathers, make sure children know your mobile phone number. If they get separated, teach them to stay put and look for a woman with children coming by and ask her to call your mobile number. (Thanks to my friend, MW for this tip.) Stick close, kids. Also, make sure children know your first name (real name, not “Mom” or “Dad”).

8. If you have multiple children, ask the older ones to teach/work on a skill that a younger one needs to learn. This worked earlier in the summer for us (without any direction from me), and I’d been working with my littlest man for a while on this. A persistent ten minutes from his brothers, and he was pumping a swing on his own. Next assignment for his brothers: teaching him how to clean his room.

9. When kids have gotten down and dirty outdoors and it’s nearly dinnertime, pile food on paper plates and eat outside. Hose ’em off after, 80’s style.

eating outside in the summer, summer tips

10. From what I’m seeing at the store, and what friends are sharing on social media, basic school supplies like spiral notebooks, pencils, and crayons are already being sold for pennies. While you’re at the store anyway, grab supplies for school, and a few for the home as well. Of course, if you’re children are needing more expensive electronic supplies, you might want to wait for your state’s tax-free holiday. Supply lists for students are getting pretty fancy.

11. Help children get back into the swing of writing by having them jot down their favorite summer adventures they’ve had so far. Plan a time for everyone to sit and write out their summer experiences into stories or draw into pictures. They’ll be journaling in no time.

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