What To Do the Weekend After Thanksgiving

The days following a holiday become opportunities of one sort or another: an opportunity to recover, an opportunity to relax, an opportunity to spend time with family. Maybe, just perhaps…the after-holiday weekend offers an opportunity to get a wee bit done, so jumping back into Monday won’t be quite so harsh.

Maybe you’re doing Black Friday. If so, Godspeed.

If not…

25 Things to Do With Family the Weekend After Thanksgiving


 A Little Play

      1. Choose a board game or card game: either a favorite or one your family hasn’t played in awhile
      2. Go for a hike.
      3. Shoot baskets.
      4. Play an informal baseball game at a recreational ball park.
      5. Play tag.
      6. Just play anything outside or indoors.
      7. Bring out simple art supplies and let everyone make a holiday picture. Don’t forget the clay and play doh.
      8. Have a Lego-building contest.
      9. Play dress-up (grown-ups, too)
      10. Watch holiday/Christmas movies.
      11. Watch movies/shows that come with your streaming subscription (Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu).
      12. Go see the local Christmas light displays.
      13. Watch football. Or go binge YouTube videos while other people are watching football.
      14. And then, of course, a pick up game of football.
      15. Read books.
      16. Make pizza. Or pizza bread if you have leftover bread from the holiday. Pizza flavor is a great follow-up meal to a day of potatoes and turkey and stuffing. Also, here’s a breakfast pizza for next week.Thanksgiving side dishespizza bread

        A Little Work

      17. Write or type your Christmas list and check it twice.
      18. Have kids write out their Christmas lists, or dictate to you a few things they’d like.
      19. Send out those lists to family on email. If those are handwritten, just send a photo of the list you take from their phone.
      20. Requests Christmas lists from other family members.

        A Little Prep, A Little Help

      21. Clean out papers from the first few months of school. (When kids aren’t around so they don’t see you throwing their life’s work in the trash).
      22. Make sure lunchboxes are clean (hopefully, the kids remembered to empty the food before the break)
      23. Put away fall decorations.
      24. Pack school lunches using Thanksgiving leftovers (and maybe a piece or two of Halloween candy). Crossing that off your list this weekend will feel sooo great on Monday morning.
      25. Make a list of meals you can make with other Thanksgiving leftovers. (Maybe eat some Halloween candy while you do this).
      26. Do some cleaning out of toys and things, because new space is needed for the coming gifts.
      27. Take food and/or flowers to a neighbor.

What will your family do on these days?