These boys of mine create the most interesting costumes from the simplest items stuffed into a vintage, rustic trunk: superhero capes, their grandpa’s old cowboy boots, homemade swords, and of course…Daddy’s old pilot hat. They’ll put on a black cap and boots and practically dent the hard floor tromping around in those too-big boots with a cape on top and a sash around their middle.

It’s one of their favorite free time activities, and they can play dress-up with the best of them.


Captain's hat, pilot

Playing Dress-Up


I remember shuffling though petticoat slips and old dresses at my best friend’s house. We pranced about in fancy hats our mothers kept and teetered on stilettos they didn’t wear anymore.

That kind of pretend play and dress-up didn’t get old until I got much older. Even now, it’s fun to dress-up sometimes.

We’ve kept the costume box in our house for years: my boys played dress up as toddlers, dress-up as preschoolers and even now that they’re all in elementary school—they are still going strong creating outfits and costumes and yes, new superheroes.

A bonus advantage is having items to pull from when Halloween rolls around, or when there’s a Harry Potter-themed birthday party in the neighborhood.


Saturday Selections by Captain Mom, Rhonda Franz

What To Put in a Costume Box for Boys


Those neckties and and hats, Daddy’s captain hat, even my old high school letter jacket: it’s all fair game for costumes. And those boys can pretend play for a couple of hours, which is music for the whole peace of the house.

To put together your own costume box, you needn’t money or fancy things. Get all the specs here: How to Put Together a Costume Box for Boys. 

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