I made this video about my need to pause at various times. I was, in fact, pausing at that moment.

There’s a lot of moments in which I need to take a pause. So’s I made a list.

By all means, chime in and add to it. 🙂



27 Opportunities to Pause During Your Day


  1. When about to yell at the kids.
  2. When about to yell at your spouse.
  3. When you feel a meltdown coming on.
  4. When you’re mad in traffic.
  5. When you’re about to give an answer to anything.
  6. When you’re about to say, “yes.”
  7. When you’re about to say, “no.”
  8. Before going into the house after work.
  9. Before going into the house after errands

    Just for fun, I paused before posting this photo and totally edited out my wrinkles. My forehead’s full of ’em.


  10. Before getting out of the car once you get to work.
  11. Before making THAT phone call to the school.
  12. Before making a phone call regarding a customer service issue.
  13. When someone treats you rude.
  14. When your child talks back. (Pause and reverse. PAUSE AND REVERSE)
  15. When you don’t get your way. (what!?)
  16. When you’re too intent on filling the silence with words. (*raises hand*)
  17. When your computer crashes.
  18. When you’re about to interrupt someone. (oh, me)
  19. When you feel stressed, overwhelmed, anxious. (often

    Oh, laundry.


  20. When the children are about to come home from school. (The After-School Meltdown is an actual thing. Some days, I just go upstairs when those little sticks of dynamite come through the door.)
  21. When you’re about to pick up the kids from school.
  22. When you’ve been going, going, going all day and you’re about to hit a wall of anger and fatigue. (Hit pause NOW).
  23. When you’re about to post a not-so-nice comment below that Facebook post. (Seriously).
  24. When you need time to think about something someone has said.
  25. Just after someone has yelled at you. (Because then you at least look like you’re not the crazy one).
  26. When a customer service representative hasn’t solved your problem, and in fact acts as though your problem isn’t for her to solve or help you solve or direct you to the right person to solve. (Lord. Jesus. Have. Mercy.)
  27. Before you let loose on the person in front of you because you’ve been mad about 10,547 things and they’re about to jump on the straw that already broke the camel’s back.


Got a #28?