photo by cabedababe

…from a mom who knows.

The recent reprise of winter weather  in parts of the country reminds me of the ice storm we experienced a couple of months ago. The one that had me and mine tucked away in a hotel for six days with electricity, hot water, and all sorts of other great amenities.

The hotel experience – weather and leaving home notwithstanding – was a good one. The staff was great and we did the best we could under the circumstances. Even with an infant and toddler.

Here are a few blessings I counted during our week in a hotel:

1. The coffee is free in the snack area.

2. Housekeeping is included.

3. Wireless internet is free, too. So, when the roads are icing over and your heat is gone and your lights are out and your water is cold and you’re wishing there was a gas stove in your kitchen as you’re throwing everything you think you’ll need to live for a few days away from home…don’t forget to toss in the laptop.

4. Elevator buttons can provide great entertainment for a toddler. Just make sure no other patrons are on the elevator with you.

5. TNT and the Cartoon Network. Because all day in one room – without any books I might add – gets really, really long.

6. You know those baby Moses baskets for infants? They fit in the closet.

7. Despite the fact that my son is growing up out in the woods, I’m fairly confident he could: exchange towels at the front desk, buy some food from the snack cupboard, and find his way from the elevator to the room. I”m talking life skills here.

Here are a few pieces of advice for those who may find themselves in this situation in the future.

1. If you have children, daily walks on every floor of the entire hotel may be necessary for the stretching of legs and ridding of the wiggles and satisfying of the curiosity that wonders if anything is different on any other floor of the hotel other than the one he’s on. The floors are all exactly the same, but he’ll want to find this out for himself…just to make sure.

2. Try and make it to an extended-stay hotel. Such places typically have washers, dryers, and kitchenettes in the room. No explanation needed here, right?

3. You’ll probably need to get food out at some point. Do hoard any and all children’s coloring menus you are offered (+ crayons) back to the hotel. Trust me; it’ll come in handy.


A little promotion here for Candlewood Hotels (unpaid and unsolicited). This was actually my second emergency long-term stay in one of their hotels; the first was also a good experience under the circumstances. If you need to stay awhile, it is the place to be.