Etiquette for Mobile Phones

You didn’t think I was going to let Cell Phone Courtesy Month 2019 slip away without bestowing upon the digital webs my cell phone/mobile phone courtesy rant pleas rules, did you?

Be Smarter Than the Smartphone, People


    1. Do not let that little light shine. While recording your child in the school talent show or musical, or the church program, please don’t use your mobile device or smartphone or what have you to repeatedly and/or continuously block or disturb my view of my child, and thus the view of all the people behind me from their child. We don’t need that mobile light piercing glare jettisoned into our face in the darkened gymnasium.

2. Do not talk on your cell phone in places where people have some kind of expectation that this is not a yell-friendly venue. This includes, but is not limited to: coffee shops, libraries, buses, trains, planes, hotel lobbies, funeral homes, daycare facilities, church. Kindly step outside.



3. If you must use a phone inside, apply a modicum of courtesy. To make or take your call, move your keister away from people, remaining ever mindful the entire time of your voice’s volume.

For further reading on the subject, I recommend Scott Hollifield: And now, a few words on cell phone courtesy month, whose article I found at the tippy top of the first Google search page in the News category. Well done, Google. And Mr. Hollifield: bravo.



I’ll hear from you now. Lay on me your cell phone rules and regulations.