The Parent Bloggers Network  and Take Pride Adventure Learning wants parents to let ’em know how our home resembles a zoo. I think they might be speaking figuratively, but in this house I assure you it’s the real thing.


There’s a little creature that slithers like a reptile on the floor and seems to think that that the living room furniture is aquarium equipment. Up until a few months ago, he spent his naps and nights in a contraption called a crib that bears an uncanny resemblance to an animal’s cage.

There are ever more frequent screech owl-like noises he makes in the midst of a tantrum, and the hysterical hyena laughter we hear when he’s rolling on the floor.

This little animal delights in getting on all fours and chasing Mommy and Daddy around the house like a roaring lion. And just as good as any elephant, he’ll perform for snacks. He eats enough food to feed a small bear cub, and gulps his milk down like a newborn calf.

When I try to get some writing done (like right now), he stands behind me on the chair, arms wrapped around my neck like a monkey straight from the primate house.


I think we should try and find a way to charge people for admission to see all this, don’t you?