photo by Loraw2000

A new word popped out of my preschooler’s mouth today: iface.

I guess he must hear the word iphone (though we don’t have one). Maybe one of his peeps from the play ground has talked about MySpace (They’re learning pretty young these days).  I’m sure I’ve discussed with Daddy – in front of our boy – how I need to clean up and get rid of my old iMac desktop computer, and what so and so posted to my wall on Facebook. (He’s at the stage of language development where he’s coming up with some great complex sentences, but  messes up the syntax a bit from time to time).

Somehow, all that lingo got jumbled all up in his head and out came out in a cool techy kind of way. We’re just working on alphabet sounds and how to cut – and not run – with scissors, but this kid knows the language well, and even made up new word to go right along with hot trends of the moment.

It is amazing what little people pick up on. Who knows? Perhaps I need to see if some bird on Sesame Street is packin’ an iPod, or if my son has secret access to a PC.


The whole “iface” thing was cute, but I’m not sure what I’ll do if he starts talking in internet slang.

LOL   😉