A week or so ago, we lost our internet access for a day.  Oh the horrors.

It was frustrating, and not so much because I couldn’t catch emails within minutes of their arrival, or check the status of friends on my Facebook page.

unpluggedIt was the inability to get answers to the trivial little things that pop into my head on any given day: the ones I need real answers to.

Can I freeze the extra quart of half and half? What is the update on that news story I saw a few weeks ago in the headlines? What rerun of The Office is playing tonight? What ingredients do I need to make balsamic vinagrette dressing? How is the weather supposed to be toward the end of next week? When is my Amazon order scheduled to arrive?

These are the things I take for granted I’ll just be able to find out at a moment’s notice. And when I can’t, I feel a little lost. I get to the end of the day, unable to have answers for my questions and (honestly) unable to remember most of the ones I asked.

Because when the access came back up, I was too busy catching up on a backlog of emails and status updates.


And cleaning up the busted carton of cream in the freezer.


image credit: stock.xchng photo by Rotorhead