It finally happened.

My little man has not been very interested in the TV, thankfully. We don’t generally like to have it on when he is around, although watching him watch the Olympics was a treat. Seeing a 2 1/2 year old attempt gymnastic moves is great entertainment.

He does enjoy Sesame Street (who doesn’t?). He watches for maybe 20 minutes or so, and the whole time he’s up singing and jumping and making noise along with the show, so at least he stays active.


Last week however, I looked over at him and he had definitely assumed the position.

You know the one I mean.

Too close to the TV, legs crossed, head tipped back, mouth slightly open, eyes planted on the screen……body completely motionless. I watched and waited to see what he would do.


 It took ten minutes for signs of life to surface.


Look out. Once the TV spirits get their claws on your kids, they just keep drawing ’em in.