The Parent Bloggers Network wants to know how cleaning up after Christmas goes in my house. We could sure use tips from the SC Johnson Company at!  How about you?


‘Tis the Month After Christmas

…my apologies to Clement C. Moore

‘Tis the month after Christmas and all through the house

Hang decorations not put away by myself or my spouse.

The tree is still up, the lights are still on

The garland still wrapped ’round the post in the lawn

Boxes are open and ready to hold

The season’s mementos of silver and gold

The attic sits ready and waiting for us

To load stuff  back up with out much of a fuss

Our way is unusual, but that’s just our style

So our efforts at Christmas can last for awhile

At some point we’ll decide it’s time to give in

And place all the ornaments back in the bin

We’ll take down the lights, wrap the snowmen up tight

And pack them up neatly for next Christmas night

And once this is done, we’ll look at each other and say,

“Time now to decorate for Valentine’s Day!”