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When the Pilot’s Away


Those of us with traveling spouses have unique opportunities (well-behaved opportunities is what I’m talking about). In addition to those plans of watching a movie and stuffing down snacks at night ALL ON OUR OWN, or get out on the town with friends, it’s a fabulous opportunity to get a little work done when you’re the only master of it. #pilotwife

The start of my story: The Decluttering Sessions: Get Organized(ish)

(Now, this is not about cleaning out your pilot’s stuff without his or her permission. Unless, of course, you can get away with it. Ahem. This is about using the fact that you’re not having careful and considerate about finishing everything by bedtime because you live with another person.)


Your Bedroom Closet (or your side of it).


Those pilot overnights are prime times for master bedroom closet clean-outs. Oh, the places I don’t clean out because I know I can’t put it all back together at the end of the day. You can unload ALL THE CLOTHES on the pilot’s side of the bed because only half the bed is needed.

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The Refrigerator

The food is going to go bad. Eat it, Make it into a casserole. Put it in the kids’ lunch, whatever. Now’s the time.


The Family Car

Raise your hand if the car your pilot drives for work in is in pristine condition. Yeah, me, too. Because obviously we’re staying behind with the kids, and they’re all a mess. This is your chance to scrape Starburst off the side of the seats and find that roast beef sandwich tossed in the back. Two words: shop vac. Four more words: the kids should help.


How to Get Stuff Cleaned Out & Organized (and in the process, hold your sanity)

If the mess to clean out is bigger than your schedule, or your sanity, you might have to get help. No shame in that.

If you need more resources, ideas, inspiration, help, etc. to get these things done, may I present The Conquer Your Clutter Super Bundle!!! (Cue super hero music). The sale is on now (just under $29.97), and lasts until January 30.

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So, clean out a little, pilot wives (and husbands). And then sit back in the evening and snack away time to yourself. What do you like to do while your pilot is gone?