I was sent some version of the “25 things list” on email last year, and I think the year before that. Now, I hear it’s quite the trend on Facebook.

I’ve enjoyed reading my friends’ lists.  Writing my own was a cathartic process.

So, here’s my list.  And yes, it’s a few more than 25 things…

1. I love the changing of the seasons.

2. I’m a city girl at heart.

3. I wish I knew when my children were going to sleep in on the same day, or both take a long nap at the same time.

4.  If I had a superpower, it would be the ability to snap my finger and have my house organized, arranged, and decorated.

5. I think Evite is tacky.

6. I love breaking out in spontaneous dance to a great beat.

7.  I would love to spend a week on a beach with my husband, followed by a few days on the beach together with our kids.

8. For now, I’ll settle for an uninterrupted cup of coffee.

9. The best quote I’ve read lately: Never let your sense of morals get in the way of doing what’s right. – Isaac Asimov

10. I do not like green beans.

11. I would rather eat a helping of green beans than watch a soap opera.

12. I’m thankful for the love of God, and for the love of a Savior who humbled Himself to be one of us.

13. I appreciate simple pleasures.

14. Sometimes, I know more than I let on. Most of the time, I don’t know very much.

15. I hate being misunderstood.

16. I’m learning that being a peacemaker/people pleaser can be a real burden.

17. I don’t think people should flaunt their charity: financial or otherwise.

18. I’ve wasted a lot of time and energy worrying about what people think.

19. It warms my heart to hear my children laugh.

20. I’m thankful my husband loves me in spite of myself.

21. I wish there was no such thing as partisan politics.

22. I’m trying to get out of the habit of justifying myself and my actions to others (see #16 and #18).

23. If I wasn’t an idealist, I would not have been a very good teacher.

24. I continue to struggle with weaknesses as a result of things that happened a long time ago.

25. I think Rahab (Joshua 2, 6) and the criminal on the cross (Luke 23:42-43) are particularly poignant people in the Bible.

26. I’m stronger than I look.

27. I have called Christ my Lord for over 20 years, and He still has to remind me to surrender to Him daily.