My husband and I returned this weekend from a nice three-day getaway. We confidently left our child in the hands of Mama and Papa (otherwise known as his grandparents), and took off down the road to 72 hours of freedom in a cabin by the lake. We had a great time being spoiled with few responsibilities and the ability to do whatever and go wherever we wanted at any time.

Our little boy had a great time being completely spoiled with all kinds of attention. His schedule went something like this:

* Get up, eat breakfast, play outside, take a walk with Papa and Mama all morning
* Eat lunch, take a nap, get up, play outside with Papa all afternoon
* Eat supper, play outside with Papa in the evening
* Go to bed

This is a little different than the schedule my son and I run on every day, and now that Mama and Papa are gone, and Daddy left for a three-day work trip, it’s just me and my little man.

Let the fun begin.

Three nights in a cabin away from home: $300.00

Dining out during our trip: $75.00

Enjoying a few days without: cutting food, wiping a mouth, giving baths, doing laundry, cleaning spills, refilling a sippy cup, changing diapers, fixing meals: