Photo by PocketAces

The other day, I reached into the cabinet and noticed – just in time – that I had inadvertently pulled out my husband’s manly man vitamins instead of my daily “for women only”  kind.

It was a close call.

And that got me to thinking: what would happen if I consumed the wrong supplement? Get an extra dose of testosterone? Grow stubble on my chin (the kind you don’t wax)? Bulk up a little?

When visiting my parents,  I always bring my own vitamins; I admit that I’m afraid of what their silver-labeled bottle of tablets “for those 50 and over” could do to my system.

Gray hair? Heartburn? Age spots?

And children’s vitamins? I wonder how different those are. It’s possible we’re all getting duped with fancy labels and witty marketing, and those thick, oval tablets are all exactly the same.

Who knows for sure, but my mom and dad have both aged fabulously, so next time I’m at their house, I just may pop a pill or two.