Going Small with New Year’s Resolutions

It’s often the smallest of things that can make a biggest difference. If you feel overwhelmed by the thought of big, gargantuan-sized goals for 2017, think small.

Small Resolutions, Big Impact

1. In my continued quest for house organization, I resolve to stop using the corner of the couch as a holding place for laundry and other miscellaneous items.

2. I will stop losing track of my phone 43 times a day.

finding my iphone, small resolutions for a new year

If only my phone would remain illuminated by rays of sunlight

3. When frustrated or anxious in the presence of my children, I resolve to laugh more times than I erupt in anger. #laughitoff

4. I also resolve to laugh more often when I’m angry by myself.

5. I will try to ignore at least half the eye rolls from the 10-year old.

6. I will try not to roll my eyes when I’m asked these questions.

7. I will first keep a light heart, witty speech, and a sense of humor when dealing with customer service.

8. I am not ever going to give up popcorn, but I will try not to consume four large bowls of it in one sitting every time I make it while watching a movie.

9. I am not ever going to give up coffee, but I will dilute my afternoon cold brew coffee with water now that I found out my homemade cold brew is actually concentrate. #energyshot

how to make simple cold brew coffee at home

10. I will not wait until the boys’ bathroom smells like an outhouse before cleaning the toilet.

11. I will teach my boys how to clean toilets.

Do tell ~ What little resolutions do you want to make?