photo by getwired

Some call it “link love,” others call it “favorite sites.” I’m calling it: I-didn’t-make-the-time-to-write-something-really-cool-for-today-so-here-are-some-sites-you-might-want-to-check-out.

Today, it’s all about the parenting gig.

Child Perspective is a blog I recently discovered. The quote at the top hooked me, and I’ve appreciated this mom’s pieces on topics from connecting with your children, to potty training, to her willingess to tackle some tough and touchy subjects.

Need a good laugh? When the laundry is spilling out the windows, and the floor is covered with toys, and you’ve received a good sassing from the child you labored 28 hours for – hide in the bathroom with your laptop and take in After the Bubbly. This mom writer’s witty commentary will decrease the stress in no time. Watch for her blog to soon become a website!

Abc Jesus Loves Me is an all-inclusive preschool curriculum site geared toward preparing your child for Kindergarten while giving them a solid foundation in the Bible. It contains everything: complete lesson plans, printables and resources. The author also regularly includes mommy/parenting tips.