We’re on infinity snow days, parents.coffee house mom

I have honestly enjoyed fun times with my boys, but this long stretch of anti-routine days is going to do us all in if we’re not careful. We’ve done crafts, clay, crayons, cars, blocks, games, play dough, books, Lincoln Logs, indoor football,  indoor tag, and other things that should not ever be played indoors.

We’ve removed holiday decorations and put away laundry and perfected the art of the perfect fire. We’ve made snow candy and snow cones and lots and lots of popcorn.

And we’ve not even scratched the surface of all that Pinterest and mom blogs and parent sites have to offer.

We’ve even kept up on school skills at home in an attempt to try and right the wrongs caused by these ice-packed streets. Writing, math facts, spelling words, and sight words. Check, check, check, and check.

Moms and Dads, don’t get lost in keeping kids educated and entertained and out of each other’s personal space. There are easy ways to entertain and take care of yourself during this time.

1. Add Kahlua to your hot chocolate. Every day. You’re not driving anyway.

2. Don’t let your young kids know that school isn’t closed (social media makes this impossible with older ones). Send them to bed each night at their normal time, and take some time for yourself. Inform them of the snow day in the morning.

3. During the sub zero wind chills, announce that the consequence for inappropriate behavior is playing outside.

4. After they’ve gone to bed, remove all the noise-making toys from the house. After the fifth snow day and two weeks of Christmas break, you’re gonna need all the quiet you can muster.

5. Institute Snow Day drills. They must don all winter clothes – extra layers and accessories included – by themselves. Twice. Sip on your hot chocolate + liquor during this time.


yummy photo of hot chocolate courtesy of stock.xchng and timbec.