During yet another waiting room visit, I mindlessly picked up the latest edition of People Magazine. It happened to be this year’s Sexiest Man Alive issue.

(Just for the record: I can NOT believe Johnny Depp was awarded this title. But that’s off topic).

As I (still mindlessly) flipped through a couple of pages, I was speechless. Really. All I could think was how ridiculous these scantily-clad grown men looked. And I was wishing that someone would tell them to, at least, button up their shirts.

I don’t see the appeal of grown men parading around in attire that is only cute on a two year old boy. In his own home.

I closed the magazine, but not before a back-of-the-issue title caught my eye. It was an article about Tim Loftus who, along with his wife Ellen, has adopted several children with special needs, and made sure they have all received much-needed medical care. A photo of their beautiful family (all appropriately-clothed) was published with the story.

Now that folks, is what I call sexy.