Simplest Meal-Planning Ever, What Alone Time Can do For You, and 51 Backyard Ideas

Happy weekend to you.

Welcome to another Saturday Session, when I share a few things that pique my interest, give me pause, or come in handy.


6 Ways Spending More Time Alone Leads to Greater Creativity

“It allows you to analyze your thoughts and find fresh perspectives.” Yeah.

Earlier this week, before a rare meet-up with a friend for dinner, I had about 15 minutes in the car (by myself) before going in. It was positively dreamy.

How to Be a Meal-Planning Mama

I’m a good cook, but a lousy meal-planner. Not sure why: for some reason, the process seems complicated. But I love to have things planned out, and this simple solution by Money Saving Mom feels like a good fit.

Rhonda Franz, Captain Mom, meal-planning

My best kind of meal plan is when I can toss the good in one pot and roll with it.

51 Budget Backyard DIYs that are Borderline Genius

Yo, ya Buzz Feed. You my head buzz. “Borderline genius.” Who can pass that up?

Some of these ideas I wouldn’t attempt, others I am so going to try. Like that dirty foot stone/frame thing. We need that. #dirtyfeet #gardening #dirtpile