Happy New Year! It’s 12 degrees outside, sunny and bright. This morning, I’m multitasking: keeping up with one son’s wrestling tournament via texts with Daddy while taking down Christmas decorations and hollering out chores to the boys at home with me. This afternoon, we’ll get outside and move our bones. Here’s some recent new year favorite reads:

Productive Days

From Date Night to Cold Showers: 20 Habits that Changed Readers’ Lives I started a few of these in 2016. I’ve listed others I’d like to do in 2017.  (It’s nice to see a list with things I’ve already been doing. Yes, I started cold (sometimes cool) showers in warm weather. No, I won’t be giving up coffee. Seriously, the Pilot and I would like more dates this year. They won’t be regular, but we’re gonna do our best. {The Guardian}

I also started this part way through last year. Liked it. Alot. I haven’t yet read the book. (On account of the library doesn’t have it and I’m trying not to buy books I might not want to keep on account of the whole decluttering/organization I did.)

Good Parenting (or something close)

Parenting Resolutions: Your 4 Step Plan to Calm, Positive Parenting This article had me at “recognizing temper buttons” and “calm is contagious.” Parenting resolutions might make the most difference of all in a new year. {Empowering Parents}


I did a lot of house decluttering and organization last year, WITH help. (More on that to come.) I still need to run through tips every now and again to keep up with the continuing education and inspiration.

Pretty Organization Ideas Bags for organization and not putting everything out of site: this girl is speaking my language {MomTrends}

2017 planning


10 Life-Changing Tips to Make Your Home So Much Cleaner. A combination of hilarious and useful tips. Do not think for one minute I haven’t been tempted by the one about gasoline {Mom.me}

About those Resolutions

Maybe you’re already tired of resolutions. Goals shmoals. I hear ya. That said…

Here’s my list of mini-resolutions for 2017. Little things, big difference. No big measurement. No accountability. Just small tweaks for better days.

I started planning this way last year. Planning for a month: too small. Planning for a year: too big. Planning for 90 days/three months/12 weeks? To quote Goldilocks: This one is juuuust right! (I haven’t yet read the book on this type of planning, on account of the library doesn’t have it and I’m trying not to buy books I might not want to keep on account of the decluttering/organization issue above.)

What’s the best you’ve read on resolutions? Or even your reason for not having them?