It’s past halfway through the year, and I felt like it was time to check back in with a few of my New Year’s Resolutions to see how I was doing.


* Declutter each room of the house.

– Does it count if I decluttered them, and then they got cluttered again? I’ll keep working on that one.

* Start and finish my son’s first scrapbook.

– It’s started, but not finished. So I get 1/2 point, right?

* Paint living room, downstairs hallway, and downstairs bathroom.

– We decided to get some construction projects done this year, so those resolutions got replaced with: put on new deck, fix porch roof, knock down a wall, and paint the kitchen. Oh yes, I also painted my son’s new room. Not bad.

* Write on a schedule and submit for publishing.

– Oh yeah, that I did! I actually got published, too. Extra credit for me.

* Be less concerned with what others think, and more concerned with who God made me to be.

– It’s gettin’ better.

* Talk less. Listen more.

– Oh well, the year ain’t over yet.