Just my own quick review for a book truly worth the time spent reading and energy spent laughing.

Practically Perfect in Every Way by Jennifer Niesslein (cofounder of Brain, Child Magazine) is a witty account of her experience treading in the waters of advice from various self-help gurus (most of whom you’ll gloriously recognize). Whether she keeps her head above water, or sinks to the bottom…well, you’ll have to read it for yourself.

I can say this: before you pick up any self-help book to glean information on ways to improve your life – don’t.

Just buy Niesslein’s book. She includes enough information for the reader to get the gist of each method, plus you’ll get a boatload of humor just for taking the ride down the decluttering-fix-your-finances-organize your life-develop-your-self-esteem-and-also-your-self-awareness-learn-to-be-happy-and-have-a-great-well-disciplined-child-and-improve-your-marriage-while-you’re-at-it highway.

You may even see a little of yourself along the way (or maybe that was just me).