So, traveling with my two little men makes me wonder…Where are all the kid-friendly rest stops?

My husband and I have found pretty good places to frequent on our routine trips to see family. There’s food, gas, and well, that’s about it.  As I notice truckers walking into the “Pro Drivers Only” area with lounges and showers, and watch as pet owners take their pets for a stroll in a fenced-off area, I wonder:  How about some stuff for the family?

Of course, it’s possible that eateries and gas stations would love t0 discourage passels of children from hanging around.  It’s also possible that we’d have a difficult time getting the kids to get back in the car where they know they’ll have to sit out the rest of the drive in boredom.

And I bet such a place would really raise the expectations for all pit stops with family on future trips.

I guess it’s also likely that, on the occasions when we have to skip said rest stop, the cries and whines and squeals of protest would almost be too much to bear.

On second thought, never mind.