Come on folks, stop knocking Sarah Palin around, for you know, being a woman.

While it’s likely that John McCain picked her as his running mate for political reasons, name a presidential candidate who hasn’t done the same in the last fifty years. She’s been attacked for having a job and family, and being too inexperienced.

How often does the media attack male politicians on the basis of being a good father? Or a good husband? Good grief, the whole John Edwards affair (yes, that’s a pun) died down quicker than this.

What kind of experience do you want Palin to have? The kind Bill Clinton had in the Oval Office? The kind Nixon had in his role in attempting to keep Watergate hush hush?

She’s been active in a variety of ways from her high school days on, she’s been on the city council, she’s was a mayor, and she is currently governor over a state that’s larger than many countries.   While I don’t think lack of professional (or in this case, political) experience is to be ignored, our history is full of people who fell short the obvious “qualifications” for leadership and brilliance who later became noteworthy inventors, philanthropists, and yes, politicians.

Besides, Palin has five children. That alone accounts for some pretty tough organization and conflict-resolution skills.

Now, I don’t know Sarah Palin. And I don’t know if she does the mom thing well or does it poorly. But it appears that she does do it.

Really, I’d like to see the good old boys’ club use their precious political experience to handle that gig.