book-imageHere are a few things that have recently taken up temporary residence on my nightstand (along with a little dust, a toss-all tray, and my clock radio/CD player)…


Brain, Child is the only parenting magazine to which I subscribe. I love reading the poignant essays found in each issue. While I may disagree with the choices other parents have made regarding their children, I find that I very much appreciate knowledge of another perspective.

The latest issue (Spring 2009) has an essay I truly enjoyed. It is called Endgame by Hilary Meyerson and can currently be read on the site. I hope that – even if my children do become involved in competitive sports – I will remember to let kids, be kids.


I found Life Under a Leaky Roof: Reflections on home, tools, and life outside the big city by David Owen in the home repair section of my local used book store. It is a collection of essays about the author’s experiences fixing up an old home with his wife and children living inside. It’s a little bit about falling in love with a house, along with the prospect and process of making it your own. I’m only part way through, and I’m already not looking forward to it being over. The essays are short, funny, and entertaining – not at all the way home repair books are. I got so busy reading this little gem that I never did find the how-to book I need to fix the leaky, or otherwise less-than-pristine parts of my own house.


Anointed, Transformed, and Redeemed: A Study of David by Priscilla Shirer, Beth Moore, and Kay Arthur. I am going back over parts of this study I worked on in a group with other women. I missed some days, and want to complete some parts of the study more diligently than I did before now that I’m not on a timeline.  I’m so thankful to be the child of a King who forgives and loves and yes, disciplines.

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