Life with a traveling, on-call spouse has its own set of challenges, requiring the development of a special skill set. It’s a whole type of lifestyle, quite different from the 9 to 5 workday.

The tables have turned. For a few days, at least. I’m on my way to the Arkansas Women Bloggers conference. I’ve packed a suitcase (right up to the last minute). I’ve made travel plans (lots of CDs + coffee shop stop + so much water). I’ve made a few lists (not micromanaging). I’ve told the children (they’re excited).

What will happen in my absence:

1. On some morning, the children will have Star Wars cereal instead of the protein-filled breakfasts I prepare for them. Probably on two mornings.

Captain Mom, Rhonda Franz, Star Wars cereal, breakfast, traveling mama

With them, the force will be.

2. The boys will do something, or two things, fun with Daddy, and never acknowledge that I have ever done those things with them (go to a pool, go to a park, go to a restaurant). He is their favorite.

3. I won’t be calling home much. On Daddy’s overnights and extended trips, sometimes we have a family Facetime/Skype session, in which the children don’t so much have quality conversations as they play around with various angles of the phone/computer and see how they can smudge the screen with their nose.

I’m Girl Friday for The Women Bloggers. I’m helping out. I’m working. My schedule will be all over the place (kind of like a pilot’s). I would venture so far as to say, I’ll be on call. Because I will be.

The kiddos do love to see the hotel room and the view, so I might call and see if they want a quick video tour. Who  knows? Maybe we’ll Periscope.

Captain Mom, Rhonda Franz, road trip, Arkansa Women Bloggers Conference, traveling spouse

Mommy leaving doesn’t look as cool as this.

4. My boys and I will have a rare chance to miss each other. I’m so old hat. We get tired of one another without realizing it. It’s nice to have a break so I experience missing them. When I come home from a rare few days of being gone, I get big hugs and smiles and, my favorite—bright eyes. I love bright eyes.

What happens while you’re away?

The image of Route 66 by Foundry on Pixabay. I’m not really going on Route 66, but it’s the coolest highway photo I found, and really represents all kinds of American travel, yes?