The after-Christmas break is over.

I’ve been a bit busy. I brought a third child into the world (thank you, Lord), started another round of continuing education to keep up my teaching certificate (just to be smart), and started on a book tour (not exactly).  I just published an essay in the new Chicken Soup book (see below), and have done a bit of marketing for it: a radio show, a few autographs. Nothing big, nothing fancy (but you can purchase the book on Amazon, and your local bookstore).

You get the picture.

In other news…

changes are a-comin’ to the Coffeehouse Mom blog. Or, as they say in web world, This Site Is Undergoing Maintenance.

In the meantime, check out my articles over at You can encourage quality eating habits in your kids with 25 Tips To Help Your Children Eat Healthy (yes, you’ll have be a role model), get this mom’s advice for recovering from a C-section by reading Home From The Hospital: Practical Tips For C-section Recovery, and pass along the household jobs you don’t want anymore with 43 Chores Young Children Can Do.

For a laugh, read my super-quick tips on what you DON’T need to buy: Modern Mommyhood: Trends 101.

I also have articles in spring issues of Peekaboo parenting magazine, Calgary’s Child..

…and, an essay in the new Chicken Soup for the Soul Book. My story is in the “Giggles and Mischief” section (otherwise known as humor).

Motherhood is hard. Laugh away.