A conference is coming. It’s loud. (Our logo is a megaphone.)

See here? Megaphone Summit Northwest Arkansas


Not because we like to shout, but because we want to have our voices intensified, amplified.

Because we want to build up and educate and share on social media.

The 2016 Megaphone Summit is an Influencer Conference Coming to Fayetteville, Arkansas next week.


We started as Arkansas Women Bloggers, founded by The Park Wife. (That’s still a community.) But we grew. And grew some more. And a little more. And branched out and so on and so forth.

Influencers…that’s us! We are writers, photographers, social media managers, business owners, project planners. We are professional chefs, food bloggers, recipe developers, artists, videographers, journalists, entrepreneurs, and book authors. We’re CEOs, VPs, accountants, teachers, graphic designers, social media marketers, PR reps, storytellers, salespeople, web designers, and coders. We’re lawyers and doctors.

We provide content, we work with brands. We write articles and stories and take photos and work with clients.

Farmers market goods

You know those stories you see on websites…oh, every day? Someone wrote those. 

You know the picture of that food that makes you want to eat it? (This is an open-faced BLT, by the way.)

open-faced BLT sandwich
And those articles you read about people and places? Someone went and talked with those people and wrote down their story.

story about grass fed cattle farmers


~ photo by Laura Keeney Photography ~

At this conference, we’re learning from each other, from local talent, and from a couple of nationally known speakers and entrepreneurs like Peg Fitzpatrick and Sister Schubert.

Every time you see a social media update that makes you want to click, read, watch, listen, wonder why the people in that photo are smiling…someone created, took video, wrote, produced, directed, edited. Images for blogs and content marketing. Video to help tell a story.

So if you hear shouts and other noise coming from Northwest Arkansas next week, don’t worry. It’s us.


So once again, I’ll be the traveling parent, kind of. The conference is actually in my backyard this year. Whilst I’m gone, the pilot will take care of this:

influencer conference, captain mom

…which will be a whole other noise all its own. 🙂