Everyone’s “love language” is a little different in our family.

My husband wants support, and occasionally some really good homemade pancakes for breakfast or pasta for supper.

My toddler boy wants someone to play cars with him, or dance with him, or for Mommy and Daddy to spend time running up and down the hallway and around the inside of the house until we are all out of breath.

Baby boy just wants to know that – in between getting placed in the bouncy seat or put on the floor – that we have not forgotten about him. He appreciates being held and talked to and getting to “talk” back to us in his own way.

Me? I feel loved when they make me laugh, give me quality time, affection, and plenty of hugs and kisses… 


And help with the dinner dishes.


This post was written for  The Parent Bloggers Network in participation with the Life and Health Insurance Foundation for Education.