I’m doing some serious nesting for a new human arrival in our house and trying to spend some good play time with my little guy before he has to share me with another little one. I’m going to bed earlier, and although I still wake up early, I’m inclined to lie in bed for awhile these days.

I’m checking the hospital bag, making sure diapers and outfits are ready, and counting down what will soon cease to be days and become just hours until the baby comes.

My big guy and I are trying to keep up with the “Great American” bailout and thinking of drafting letters to send to our precious politicians. We wonder if, in any part of this bill, will there be a stipulation that our politicians may not vote themselves any pay increases or better pensions for like, the next two decades or so.


And just today, I was thinking about a Halloween outfit for my toddler. I got a fancy-shmancy kid catalog in the mail with some outrageously expensive costumes and spent a few minutes looking through it ooing and ahhing at the cute outfits that I would never buy. Honestly. Who spends $80 on a banana costume?

Of course, the one in this catalog is labeled (I kid you not): “Certified Organic.”

Oh well, in that case…