photo by ba1969


I truly apologize for my appearance. The side of my face was swollen because I had just come from having dental work (I’m not complaining. I was about to complain as I headed out of the house to see the good doctor, while watching my husband and boys head down the road, without me, for a walk. But I decided to be thankful for dental care).

And I know the large-framed sunglasses didn’t help. Don’t worry, I wasn’t hit by anyone (really thankful for that). I wore my eyeglasses yesterday, and therefore wore my prescription sunglasses while driving, then forgot to exchange the two before coming inside. And so I didn’t take them off, on account of the fact I would have probably walked smack into one of you. (I’m filled with gratitude for the vision assistance).

And the big wet spot still soaking the  front  of my clothes was obvious, I’m sure. This is due to the fact that I couldn’t hold water in my still-numb mouth as I took some ibuprofen while sitting in my car. This I did because, when the dentist was done, my jaw stuck – open. It’s happened before. (But again, no complaints here. I’m thankful that it happened at the dentist, who knew how to fix it, and who hooked me up with pain-relieving drugs).

Anyway, I ended up with a splash from chest to knees. How that tiny bit of water could have left a such a big mark, I’ll never know. (But so glad I wasn’t wearing white).

And so, I swallowed my pride and decided I would not forgo the oral comfort of the frozen house mocha following a procedure that feels like someone is whamming and yanking and prying away on the inside of my mouth with a set of Craftsman tools. (Besides, I was thankful for the coffee).


(And still thankful for the dentist – see above).

Happy Thanksgiving. Be grateful for the little things.