…because you don’t want to forget about the bedding you stored up there when your toddler had to start sleeping on a low fold-out couch (because was leaping off the bed like Superman, and you were worried about concussions).

… so you get a reminder of the 76 rolls of Christmas wrapping paper you have stored. (This one will save you money for decades to come). ‘Cause it’s spring cleaning time.

…to make sure there is no evidence of living creatures/as assurance those things that go bump in the night really are just your imagination.

An occasional trip to the creaky-floors and dusty roof walls will also teach you why you shouldn’t store candles up there. Clue: when it gets hot, wax melts.

My attic doesn’t have cool, vintage-y things like the photo. And it isn’t like the one in the contemporary version of Father of the Bride, where there is room for a mom, a daughter in a wedding gown, and a full-length mirror. And Steve Martin.

If I had an attic like that, I’d send the kids up there to play, and occasionally go hide hangout myself. Instead of a man cave, it would be a mom den.

But  for now, my attic is secondary storage, or at the very least, a nice thrift shop waiting for it’s once-monthly customer.

I love having an attic, but it’s kind of creepy up there, so I don’t visit much. How often do you creep up to yours?

photo credit: stock.xchng photo by dirtypaper (top)