In my household, we do our part to help out the environment and conserve energy by unselfishly keeping the thermostat set at a reasonable, almost uncomfortable degree.

Well actually, it’s just plain selfishness on our part to avoid shelling out extra cash to the electric company each month.

Recently, as the heat began to crescendo, I noticed my little boy was a  little stickier and smellier than usual, and just accepted the fact that more baths will be in order now that summer is well on its way.  And he wasn’t the only sticky one. Back to showers every day, and then some.

Then, I noticed I was constantly trying to put my hair up-my hair that’s so short-that, when I am able to finagle it into a ponytail,  I walk around looking like a twig is sticking out the back of my head.

A few days ago, I reached into the pantry and found that the coconut oil I use to pop my precious stove-popped popcorn had turned to liquid. I began getting concerned that maybe we were taking things  a little too far, and putting up with a little too much heat. I mean, we’re talking about my once-a-week popcorn binge. I can’t let the oil go bad.

Then, last weekend, I reached into my makeup bag for my creme blush and noticed it to be quite shiny and slightly liquidy on top.

That’s where I drew the line. Melting makeup? Seriously.

I’m willing to suffer a bit in the interest of saving money conserving worldwide energy, but enough is enough. How much good am I doing if I have to take more showers i.e. use more water, to make up for the fact that the temperature in my house is making me sweat when I’m sitting perfectly still? Does it actually help to keep the room one degree warmer when I’ve plugged in all the box fans and turned on ceiling fans in every room of the house?

I’m not sure. So, while my house is still a bit warmer than most, the thermostat has been moved one degree to a slightly more comfortable temperature.

Personal cleanliness can be taken care of, I can deal with some sweaty hair days, and my precious popcorn oil will keep in the fridge.


But when the integrity of my cosmetics is affected, I have to put my foot down.