IMG_0287It all started in the back seat.

The giggling, the snickering, and the laughing. My three-year old has usually entertained himself well in the car, but this time he had company: the 7-month old sitting on the other side.

The little baby was riding in his infant car seat, his head fully raised up, his face turned looking at his older brother as this interplay between them continued. Back and forth in conversation: more giggles, more laughs, a few small screeches, and lots and lots of grins.

I hadn’t expected this kind fun between them to begin so soon. And yet, here they were, having it.

Their daddy smiled at me. I smiled at him, and we enjoyed the rest of our ride listening to the back seat banter between our firstborn and our littlest man.

It was a great moment.


And to that man – the one sitting across from me – may we always have our own giggles, laughs, and smiles.  Happy Father’s Day to you. And Happy Anniversary.

Thanks for those back seat boys.