photo by agamamedia

. . .she will probably have a fabulous time and wonder why she doesn’t get out more often, and she’ll work hard on finding a regular babysitter.

And if she gets a regular babysitter, she’ll realize how easy it would be to just get caught up on things around the house if someone was around to watch the children, and wonder about a part time nanny.

And if she gets a nanny, she’ll find that, though she’s been busy with housework and such, she’s missing out on hangin’ with her little ones. So, she’ll probably let the nanny go and hire a housekeeper.

And then, she’ll spend a ridiculous amount of time cleaning up before the housekeeper shows up, and come to the conclusion that it’s just  a waste of money.

And with that money, she’ll hire a personal assistant to run her errands, catch up on correspondence, shop for food, etc. But then, alas, she’ll be frustrated when she discovers that no one else can find the special asiago cheese bread on the discount rack.

And with all the money she’ll save by not having a babysitter, a housekeeper, a personal assistant, or a nanny, she’ll be more than happy to use it all for a date with her husband, deciding that even a rare night out – though it will likely involve cleaning out the car, responding to emails, a stop at the pharmacy, and a trip to the grocery store- is just fine after all.

With thanks (and apologies) to Laura Joffe Numeroff, author of If You Give A Mouse A Cookie.