Ok, I think I covered this topic, but doing work of any kind in a coffee shop is getting quite the buzz these days. So, let’s cover it again.

Does Working in a Coffee Shop Make Your Writing Better?

Well, it does for me, because I get to actually do it  for a while – hours, even. And the writer friends I meet there are all about business, let me tell you. We catch up, check up on one another’s work and progress, giggle a bit about our kids and our hilarious lives, and exchange advice – the whole time clicking away on our laptops.

After a few minutes, we aim our eyes at our screens and get down to work.

Destination: Laptopistan.

Um, yes. This is what I’ve been saying: There’s no laundry lurking in the bookstore or coffee shop. None that I have to do, anyway.

The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Coffee Shop Etiquette.

I especially agree with suggesting that phone-users step outside. Common courtesy, I say. But oh, not-so-common.

Do you have an out-of-office workplace? How does a coffee shop – or someplace similar – work for you?


 Flickr photo by Carbon NYC